Money Laundering

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Money Laundering

Our e-learning on anti-money laundering compliance makes employees sensitive to the importance of handling money in the company and strengthens their understanding of the need for rules and regulations.

  • Seat Time: 8 Min.
  • 30+ languages
  • For all employees

Learning Objectives

  • 1. What are the legal requirements? (national and international)
  • 2. Implementation of the Money Laundering Act (GWG)
  • 3. Detect money laundering: Methods and behaviour of money launderers
  • 4. Principle of risk-based testing processes and screening methods
  • 5. Legal requirements for "Know Your Customer" (KYC)
  • 6. 3rd Party Compliance Interface

eLearning Features

  • IconQuiz questions Quiz questions
  • IconInteractive elements Interactive elements
  • IconBarrier-free (on request) Barrier-free (on request)
  • Iconincluding certificate of participation including certificate of participation
  • IconExtra assets (e.g. handout, promo video, poster) Extra assets (e.g. handout, promo video, poster)
  • IconMobile-optimized (optional) Mobile-optimized (optional)
  • IconVariety of formats (e.g. video, gamification) Variety of formats (e.g. video, gamification)
  • IconAvailable in the LMS or via our learning platform Available in the LMS or via our learning platform

Course Chapters

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Bernhard Bachmann

Expertise behind every course

Dr. Bernhard Bachmann | Compliance, CSR, Sustainablitly

"In order to channel illegally generated assets into the legal financial and economic cycle, criminals rely on complex concealment strategies. Comprehensive measures are therefore required to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing - this is also prescribed by law. The Anti-Money Laundering Compliance e-learning demonstrates the importance of these measures and puts them into a practical context with creative storytelling."

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