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Fairness First

For more inclusion: consistently breaking down barriers

People with physical or mental disabilities still have a hard time in the labor market. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice as high as for those without disabilities. The need for companies to catch up is obvious. But how can inclusion be effectively promoted and accessibility increased? What does accessibility actually mean in the context of inclusion? And what can companies do in concrete terms?

Sustainability in the company

No future without corporate digital responsibility

In addition to all the benefits, ethical issues must not be forgotten when developing new technologies. After all, the effects of digitalization and automation are far-reaching, both for the environment and for society. Companies must become aware of their responsibility and put their value chains to the test. The concept of corporate digital responsibility provides guidance in this regard. Because only with a holistic concept can the power of digital transformation be tamed.

Cyber Security

Sustainable Cyber Security: What really counts

Hacking, phishing, sabotage: In today's world, cyber security plays an outstanding role for the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information and information-processing systems. After all, only a holistic approach can ensure that critical corporate assets are recognized, potential threats are identified and appropriate protective measures can be taken.

Other Articles

Mental Health at Work

Smile please: "Emotional Labor" and its dangers

The targeted use of emotions in customer interactions has never been as important as it is today. In order to influence customers in their decisions and promote loyalty behavior, a great deal is demanded of employees - even when it comes to regulating their own emotions. However, this emotional work also involves risks.

Fairness First

What diversity and ethics have to do with corporate security

Diversity and values management in companies have become real performance drivers. But how can a values-based corporate culture of diversity positively influence corporate security?

Data Protection (GDPR) E

Data Protection: A never-endling story?

Even years after the GDPR came into force, it is still causing worry lines on the foreheads of many company managers. Many find it difficult to put it into practice – but why? The reasons are many and varied - and it is almost impossible to solve them conclusively.

Fairness First

Equality despite diversity - a nurse's tale?

Diversity, inclusion and equality: These are key terms that have a lasting impact on the image of today's society, but also on the self-image of companies. And yet inequality and discrimination remain real problems of our time - in Germany, too. But what is the actual state of diversity and equal opportunity in our society? And where do the largest economic nations stand in comparison?

Sustainability in the company

Sustainability: A matter of survival

Inflation, rising energy prices, a weakening economy: sustainability has long since ceased to be a matter of principle and is becoming a weapon in the struggle for survival for more and more companies. This calls for everyone's commitment - but what challenges do corporate managers have to face in the process?

Cyber Security

More security through digital competence: A problem for digital immigrants?

Phishing, malware, online fraud: The digital world is full of dangers. Digital competence encompasses basic knowledge and skills to counter these dangers and ensure IT security. It turns out that even the younger generation is not immune to online dangers, despite – or perhaps because of – their extensive experience, which often turns digital natives into digital naives.

Mental Health at Work

Positive vibes: self-transfiguration in professional networks

Even business networks like Xing and LinkedIn are not safe from chronic optimists. Yet negative experiences are part and parcel of professional life. A healthy approach to social media and the content disseminated therein is important so that the imposed positivity does not become toxic.

Cyber Security

Fast and coordinated: What to do in the event of a cyberattack?

Cyber attacks are a lucrative business. Any company can become a victim. But what should be done when a cyberattack has occurred?

Physical Health at Work

Companies alarmed: When consumption becomes addiction

Addiction is still a taboo subject. No one talks about it, and if they do, it's usually behind closed doors. Yet the topic is highly explosive and of great importance for both employees and employers. Addictive behaviours not only have an impact on the private lives of those affected, but also on the workplace. In addition to performance, the working atmosphere usually suffers as well - not to mention possible safety risks.

Health & Safety

Despite Covid: Accident risk at work on the rise

A sprained ankle on the way to work, a cut finger, or broken bones while handling heavy equipment: occupational accidents have many faces. Thanks to comprehensive improvements in the area of occupational safety, the situation in German companies has improved dramatically in recent decades - but still: occupational accidents are and remain a risk that should not be underestimated and that must be minimized. This is also borne out by the statistics.

Digital Skills

Digital Competencies: How fit are German companies?

In times of digital transformation, lifelong learning is becoming a survival motto for employees and managers alike. The focus here is primarily on digital skills. Because if these are lacking, the challenges associated with digitization can hardly be mastered. However, the reality in German companies is often sobering - and underscores an acute need for action if digitization is to succeed.

Sustainability in the company

ESG: Corporate responsibility as a success factor

Sustainable action is the order of today. Corporate responsibility gets increasingly important and is ecoming a success factor for companies. Professional awareness of sustainability and compliance issues lays the foundation for this.

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