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Training employees flexibly and digitally

E-learning offers companies a flexible way to provide employees with proven training on a wide range of topics. Borussia has also recognized this opportunity: Since 2021, the medium-sized club has been training its workforce digitally with the Security Island Library - a best practice case.

About the background

When Borussia Mönchengladbach plays, the Lower Rhine shines in the colors black, white and green. Founded in 1900, the traditional club has around 1,000 fan clubs in Germany and almost 94,000 members around the world. Almost 300 employees ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at the Foals. The professional department of the Bundesliga soccer club is organized like a medium-sized company.

Digital training courses of growing importance for

In addition to mandatory topics such as instruction on occupational health and safety, fire safety and compliance, more and more companies are focusing on expanding digital training in their organization. In addition to a smart training portal, this also requires high-quality e-learning courses. Security Island (mybreev GmbH) combines both and offers a complete solution. In addition to its own learning management system, over 50 e-learning courses are part of the Security Island Library. It is not just the mandatory topics mentioned above that companies can train on. Topics such as diversity, mental stress in the workplace and sustainability are also part of the Security Island Library.

  • Flexibel mit Nachweis

    Flexibel mit Nachweis

    Ob Unterweisungs- oder Weiterbildungsthemen - alle Mitarbeitenden können flexibel online geschult werden. Der Abschluss der Kurse wird per Zertifikat nachgewiesen. Der Lernerfolg bleibt dabei stets im Blick der Plattformnutzenden.

  • Inhaltich Up to date

    Inhaltich Up to date

    Die Security Island Library wächst mit den Anforderungen an den Arbeitsalltag. Monatlich erscheinen neue Kurse oder Bestehende werden aktualisiert. So bleiben Ihre Mitarbeitenden rechtlich und inhaltlich up to date.

  • Nachhaltig


    Interaktive und stark praxisorientierte Online-Kurse sorgen für einen nachhaltigen Lerneffekt. Kurze Lerneinheiten, Storytelling und eine starke audiovisuelle Sprache machen die E-Learnings zu einem einzigartigen Lernerlebnis - digital und ressourcensparend.

  • Individualisierbar


    Individuelle Inhalte können problemlos in die Schulungsplattform integriert werden - ob die Abbildung eines spezifischen Prozesses in einem Online-Kurs oder die Anpassung an das Corporate Design.

Borussia E-Learning Portal by Security Island



Every employee is given their own access to the "Borussia E-Learning Portal". This allows employees to complete the courses assigned to them, monitor their personal learning success and regularly refresh their knowledge on the desired topics - with a certificate and the required proof.



Over 50 e-learning courses are available on various topics. The Security Island Awareness Library includes mandatory training on topics such as data protection, occupational health and safety and cyber security, as well as other topics such as sustainability, mental health and diversity. More about the courses.

Individual content

Easily integrated

The e-learning courses can be individualized according to the needs of the company. But that's not all; fully customized content in the form of text documents, graphics or video clips can also be easily integrated into the e-learning portal. Used in the right place, your statement is guaranteed to achieve the desired effect!

Honored with the
Comenius EduMedia Award

Borussia Mönchengladbach's e-learning portal was recognized by the Society for Pedagogy,
Information and Media (GPI) in the category "Exemplary Educational Media"

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