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Cyber Gangster erfolgreich abwehren - mit der IT-Security E-Learning Library der Deutschen Telekom Security und mybreev

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Borussia E-Learning Portal

Borussia Mönchengladbach nutzt die gesamte Security Island E-Learning Library für die digitale Schulung der Belegschaft. 

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Wir waren dort - Cornerstone Convergence 2020 (Online)

16 September 2020 – 17 September 2020

Security Island presents the extended course portfolio on security awareness topics - at Cornerstone Convergence 2020. Under the motto "Edutainment", we transport high-quality content in our e-learning courses - unique and exciting. Visit us at the online event and find out why our courses stay in people's minds.

We take the great opportunity, that Cornerstone gives partners and sponsors, to participate in the Cornerstone Convergence 2020; the online conference for HR professionals.

What’s in for “Security Island”? 

We will present our Security Island E-Learning portfolio which covers different security and safety topics such as cyber security, health and safety, compliance, crisis management and travel security. In addition, we will also introduce our new training area containing different leadership topics like diversity and sustainability.

What’s so special about it? 

Firstly: We got it all! We don’t focus only on one or two security topics such as cyber and information security. Instead we look at corporate security with a more holistic approach. That’s why Security Island offers a comprehensive range of different security e-learning courses. This helps us, to assist your company to become a safer place; in the real world and also in the digital world … now and in an uncertain future.

Secondly: Our approach lays in the „Edutainment“ elements of our e-learning. We focus on how to transport high valuable information from important topics in an entertaining but also sustainable way. It is our understanding, that (almost) every topic can be communicated in an exciting and fun way!

This text can´t prove what we would like to promise you. Our innovative online courses, the unique design and the interactive elements and approach make the difference. By participating you become part of the story; and this will show you what´s so special “Security Island”.

Are you interested in learning more about our courses?

Contact us; we would be more than happy to register you for a free of charge online event and meeting.

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